Chelmza origin

in the beginning we, the Culmsees, were from

Chelmza at Poland

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Culmsee Chelmza heraldic Animation


Chelmza at Poland


updated 3rd version with added information concerning name’s source of LAKE at Poland (Polska): Chelmza at Poland


exploring our name Culm-see = Culm-lake
(the way sometimes I’m explaining) the name Culm exists in variations: CulmerLand (Culm’s land) and another town named Culm (Chełmno), all at the area northwards of our lake … and Culmsee’s settlement from 1222 mentioned (1251 city rights) means that during Middle Ages before 12th century and longer ago people there had settled without a village nearby, settled just near the lake – wellspring for life: water for living, farming – and therefore ʺweʺ came fom the lake …

at Kulmer Land / Culmerland / Culmer Land (M.A. historical landscape >łmno_Land ): town Chełmno nearby Chełmża (distance 26 km = 16 miles)

at en.wikipedia: Chełmża’s Jezioro Chełmżyńskie (the Lake)

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