New Risa, Lakeland Planet Resort

New Risa sceneries

New Risa at class M planet CuSee

New Risa sceneries (© by Axel Culmsee):

moons dusk
elements dawn aura
concealled woodland area / flushed LaLuna gliders
mystical colossal LensDrop Forest
home of Pegasus


Lakeland Class M Planet CuSee
Lakeland Class M Planet CuSee, Chelmzynskie Lakeland Planet Resort, discovered by U.S.S. PEEWIT NCC-2371 and FLOUNDER NCC-1984
Academy's T.I.M.E. gate
Academy’s T.I.M.E. gate lakeland planet CuSee, class M planet

Chełmżyńskie Lakeland Planet Resort

accessible via Academy’s T.I.M.E. gate  

Star Trek Linie insignia

New Risa sceneries
New Risa sceneries (© by Axel Culmsee)


introduced by Axel Culmsee

Star Trek Linie UFP

Star Trek Linie Schriftzug

© Photographies and TIME™ / moon (planet), too
Produced & Copyright by Axel Culmsee

© Lunar Photographies Produced & Copyright incl. photo editing design
via Photoshop 
by Axel Culmsee, Germany


Star Trek linie trekLog

New Risa at class M planet CuSee
New Risa at class M planet CuSee


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