Lakeland planet CuSee

New Risa CuSee

class M planet CuSee

Lakeland Class M Planet CuSee
Lakeland Class M Planet CuSee, Chelmzynskie Lakeland Planet Resort, discovered by U.S.S. PEEWIT NCC-2371 and FLOUNDER NCC-1984

Chełmżyńskie Lakeland Planet Resort

accessible via Academy’s T.I.M.E. gate  





a fusion of worlds…:
Culmsee who isTrekkie and Whovian meets Culmsees
all over planet Earth
at unification in best of both worlds
of a Star Trek dream,
this not only sounds like fun – it is in make it so…



introduced by Axel Culmsee

Star Trek Linie UFP

Star Trek Linie Schriftzug

© Photographies 
starship (vessels) and orbital station photos
(models self assembled last millennium)
as well as TIME™ title and planet (moon), too
Produced & Copyright by Axel Culmsee

© Photographies Produced & Copyright incl. photo editing
assembly design compiled from segmentation NCC-1701-D via Photoshop
by Axel Culmsee, Germany


Star Trek linie trekLog


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