Star Trek facets of the unknown

Star Trek facets of the unknown

STAR TREK – facets of the unknown

Star Trek facets of the unknown
Star Trek – facets of the unknown
intermezzo fish ’n‘ bird vs./with @ STAR TREK?

well, indeed, these are unusual ship constructions and not common for ST universe but developed from the one NCC-1701-D and only of that familiar Galaxy class starship in discovering the unknown events in morphing via photo editing…

…somehow a bit like evolutioneering across undiscovered country of unknown [IT/E.T.] species and of different colors in being accepted as they are in being respected with no doubts and with no soupçon of absurd baseless discrimination of any kind cause that’s the common way of tolerenace in implicitness over the decades ago shown and seen not only when tomorrow is yesterday but centuries later we still will have seen that the cold served food still remained to only few who want to spread their rules which completely are out of order for everybody who suffers such bad habit against all sanity and reason but who of them cares for – too few, unfortunately but fortunately there are some but future only has the syncope in collapsing that lordship isn’t the way to discover the undiscovered with its positive aspects of development of better future for the descendants not only in going beyond the far space where no one has gone before… Earth remains our refugium – the undiscovered possibilties in developing fantasies of whatever in technical nature and human resources are known by futurity singly whatever futuristic singularity might generate for the next generation(s)…

 Star Trek Linie UFP




base: Galaxy yard / DS Omega


introduced by Axel Culmsee

Star Trek Linie UFP

Star Trek Linie Schriftzug

© Photographies 
starship (vessels) and orbital station photos
(models self assembled last millennium)
as well as TIME™ title
Produced & Copyright by Axel Culmsee

© Photographies Produced & Copyright incl. photo editing
assembly design compiled from segmentation NCC-1701-D via Photoshop
by Axel Culmsee, Germany


Star Trek linie trekLog


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