planetary stellar flight to the moon…

Moon LaLuna Collage

flight scenery…

Moon LaLuna Collage
Moon LaLuna Collage by Axel Culmsee

…a few days ago…
LaLuna inspired me…
while meeting with a star glider?
it was a bright shining moon night,
sun, moon and Earth had agreed
sending a special greeting
to night clouds
letting see them more of the dark side
across the moon…
looking into oppsite direction
it was a very dark night
but towards earth orbiter
lights‘ reflections
presented much more than usual:
a dust field of whatever…
and then – suddenly
another shooting star like
probably shuttle of humans
crossed the scenery with a dot of light
lighter that everything else
and mooved
like direct flight…
what a speed! could it be?
why not!
T.I.M.E. institute will have confirmed
this event these days in 2018
of a planetary shuttle drift…

Moon LaLuna Collage
…towards moon…

made of these:

parts for Collage-Mix LaLuna stellar
Photos for LaLuna/Mona stellar mix Collage

© Photographies Produced | Copyright incl. Photo Editing of Moon and night sceneries by Axel Culmsee, Germany
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