Star Trek Captains NCC-1701

cuts from The Star Trek Encyclopedia A Reference Guide to the Future

… it lasted decades … who had been first captain of ENTERPRISE NCC-1701?

Captain Robert April


Christoper Pike

first mentioned in TAS but ʺStar Trek: The Animated Seriesʺ too long had been out of discuss in being said/declared out of canon …

but future decided different!

ʺStar Trek: Discoveryʺ


(producers &) fandom now gave him respect 2017 October 17th

during episode




question: who’s 1st captain of Enterprise?!? (but slowly) am not meaning all the other ships named E., e.g. space shuttle or aircraft carrier nor H.M.S. (Her Majesty’s Ship) etc. but first you might think of Pike!? before Kirk – indeed, but regard timeline!! question had been Enterprise – therefore NOT the E. but an E. and therefore Pike is wrong: Archer had been captain before them aboard NX-1 and that means: at Star Trek Archer was first but don’t forget Robert April before Pike!


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