Samthortensie (Adobe Stock)


rough-leaved hydrangea

Samthortensie (Hydrangea aspera),

die auch Raue Hortensie oder Fellhortensie genannt wird

Samthortensie 4064
Samthortensie 4064 by Axel Culmsee

Axel Culmsee at Adobe Stock
Axel Culmsee’s photos at Adobe Stock: Samthortensie (rough-leaved hydrangea) and Roses

Adobe Stock / Photos by Axel Culmsee:

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Adobe Stock Axel Culmsee
Adobe Stock Axel Culmsee

© Photographies Produced & Copyright incl. photo editing by Axel Culmsee, Germany
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VisiCard Axel Culmsee
VisiCard by Axel Culmsee


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