Porsche Fandom-Meeting 100 years later…

Porsche fandom meeting 2118

Fandom Tuned Meeting 2118

Porsche fandom meeting 2118
Porsche fandom tuned meeting 2118 „Return to the Future“
(© by Axel Culmsee)

…just having returned from future …while a century later will take place a fandom-meeting of vessels of these days, having already introduced forthcoming amphiJetDrive… then a STPD (StromRaiderPowerDrive) will fly in like DeLorean’s touch down introduced in 1985, well, engage… and have fun! 

…parking area usually in filled during these fandom-meetings

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as well as

<< Porsche goes airPorsche… <<<

Porsche Development Department Banderole

© Photographies and Photo Editing Produced | Copyright by Axel Culmsee, Germany

compiled from segmentation parts of »Porsche Panamera«
via Photoshop by Axel Culmsee, Courtesy of  www.culmsee.com


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