Clouds across NYC …

New York 1999 helicopter flight Empire State Building




clouds across New York 1999 Empire State Building, Photo Editing 2019 by Axel Culmsee
clouds across: New York 1999 Empire State Building, Photo Editing 2019 by Axel Culmsee


in 1999: ʺWell, now we are happy being back from our journey to New York. This mega city is so full of slow to fast moving traffic and running people that it is not our way of life … Although it was my second stay I now realized it different. In 1995 there was a short stop only that impressed me very much, so this time, too. But staying there for a week and while being free in all activities you have to dive into it a bit more than supposed to. We did interesting sightseeings and learned the big apple by feet, subway and bus. Nothing compares – adventurous. You can not imagine the subways (or have you been underground there?) It’s so hot and stuffy air down there that you are afraid to collapse in a few moments but the next train arrives before that advancing moment. Another day there was the only heavy rain and after leaving a museum it was great to ride by taxi – another adventure. –

Well, second evening we climbed the Empire State Building (by elevator) and it was marvellous! Though announced ʺzero visibilityʺ (misty but we were in the tower’s area) we had great impressions: The clouds ran very fast across the platform* on top and down below (faster than a car that wants to pass the just changed traffic light). Very suddenly and often there came gaps and holes in between the runners (well, clouds do move like ground transportation, they won’t collide). Being in the midst of them! We now could take a sensational look onto ants‘ large illuminated village: fascinating … still remembering: Clouds – in midst …ʺ


Axel Culmsee, September 1999


* platform at 320 meters


© Depiction (impressions) Written / Produced | Copyright by Axel Culmsee, Germany
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Clouds across NYC …

Empire State Building ticket 1999
Empire State Building ticket 1999
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