crow attack …

Crow attack

Crow vs. Red Squirrel

event of the day …

…early morning, a quarter past seven, outside in the garden with Maltese Lulu … suddenly a shadow flew above us … and ran impacting into the treetop of a fir … action! … wing beats amidst twigs … across all over … as if she couldn’t land or get foothold … but jumps deeper and changed direction – all in 5 to 10 seconds … then: a squirrel flitted, too, a second one … I was deeply shocked, several thoughts overtook my mind: planned attack after having had observed them? a crow in being bird of prey? never heard before!? could it be? indeed: the scenery went on for several moments: the malignant crow tried to follow … but fortunately in vain – the branches were too tight … what a luck for my squirrels! what a shock surprise taking part of this moment in evolution … then thinking this crow must have been succesful before, oh no, but that’s nature of life …

Crow attack flight vs squirrel
Crow attack flight vs. squirrel

finally: you might know me in being SciFi fan and therefore ʺTerminatorʺ of course is a theme. But in seeing the movie it (they) had a function and name only: ʺHunter Killerʺ, especially HK-Aerial, seen in: ʺTerminatorʺ ʺSalvationʺ („Erlösung“, 2009) / ʺGenisysʺ (2015)

Crow vs Squirrel attack flight

from now on, today, crow, esp. ʺRookʺ do has a new subspecies: HK-crow (Corvus frugilegus


„Noch seltenere Beute sind sogar Eichhörnchen: Im Westerwald mit weiten Arealen von Getreide-Feldern (Kreis Altenkirchen, Verbandsgemeinde Flammersfeld) wurden Krähen im Sturzflug in Fichten-Wipfel gesichtet, um nachsetzende Jagd auf gewöhnliche Eichhörnchen zu versuchen. Ursächlich für dieses seltene Verhalten könnte sein, dass die hier große Greifvögel-Dichte (Mäusebussard, Turmfalke, Rotmilan) den Beute-Bestand an Feld- und Spitzmäusen stark reduzieren.“ (16.5.2019)

»Wikipedia« refused my entry cause of no proof (what a pity) [in spite of being biologist knowing what have seen …
(but I understand because of otherwise all could write everything …)]:ähe#Nahrung_und_Nahrungserwerb

Wikipedia-Eintrag wurde rückgängig verworfen, weil nicht belegt (nur in Versionsgeschichte 16.05.2019).



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